Transforming Spaces Using Vinyl Graphics for Interior Design and Decorative Purposes

Custom graphics are versatile visual communications tools that allow businesses to maximize the existing resources and available space within their establishments. Whereas painting large wall designs can be costly and time-consuming, digitally drafted graphics printed on special types of vinyl can offer an effective alternative with far less expense.

Adhesive vinyl, when professionally installed, allows companies to transform their corporate interior spaces into visually captivating branding experiences for customers and employees. The expert team of graphics installation professionals at Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays has years of experience utilizing a variety of vinyl materials to deliver impactful and long-lasting visual solutions for organizations in the Raleigh area.

One of the most commonly used vinyl applications is wall art. Known as decals or wall tattoos, these versatile vinyl stickers are designed to be applied to walls for both decoration and informational purposes. They are available in a wide range of sizes and styles and can feature anything from simple words to detailed illustrations. Many are also produced in a variety of colors and have a matte finish to help prevent glare from direct sunlight.

Another popular application is window graphics. They can be used to communicate important business information, such as store hours, policies, or upcoming events, or they can serve as a wayfinding solution for visitors. They can even promote a new product or service. For businesses that want to use their windows for marketing, perforated vinyl window decals are a great choice as they allow light to pass through while still providing a large graphic canvas for messaging.

Static-cling graphics are a very cost-effective solution for small and temporary promotions or reminders. They are easy to apply, reposition and reuse, and can be used on most any surface. These are a great option for posting company taglines, mission statements or inspiring woods for staff. They are often used as a component of a larger, comprehensive wayfinding system in office buildings or schools.

Decorative vinyl can be placed on doors, glass windows and other surfaces to add a pop of color or to create a unique look. For example, a door can be transformed into a work of art by installing a large wall decal featuring a mesmerizing ocean scene complete with waves, sea shells and palm trees. Or, a window can be made into a canvas that showcases an organization’s logo and products with vibrant static-cling graphics.

Vinyl is a popular material for a variety of home and business d├ęcor products, point-of-purchase graphics, decals, monograms, and wall art. It is also very durable and comes in a wide range of thicknesses. Depending on the product and the environment, some vinyl graphics are designed to be used indoors only while others can be utilized outdoors for up to a year before showing signs of weathering. For example, Fresno sign shop indoor vinyl offers a durable, fade-resistant coating that resists scratching and provides a high level of protection from damage.

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