The Advantage of Screen Printing Over DTG

There are several reasons to choose screen printing over DTG. First, screen printing is cheaper. This printing method can be used on almost any fabric, including cotton, polyester, canvas, denim, and moisture-wicking fabrics. It can also be used on a variety of garment styles, including hats. The disadvantage of screen printing is that it is less accurate than DTG. Additionally, screen printing can result in bleeds between colors.

There are some advantages to both DTG and screen printing. However, if you’re looking to print a small batch of custom products, DTG is the better choice. The process is faster, and you don’t have to invest in a large stock. Screen printing requires five screens, including an underbase screen. Furthermore, it takes more time to set up the screen printing press than it does to print the design. DTG is cheaper for smaller custom orders, and screen printing is more time-consuming.

While screen printing is cheaper per piece, it’s difficult to print high-quality garments without experience. DTG printing allows you to create quality-printed garments in no time at all. This technology eliminates the need for experience-rich employees, so the same person can handle the printing and the delivery. Compared to screen printing, a DTG printer also requires less space, making it a viable option for all types of printing businesses.

Another benefit of screen printing is its versatility. While DTG uses CMYK-style dots of color, screen-printed colors tend to be more vibrant. In addition, DTG printing can be more durable as it uses opaque inks. However, the after-care for DTG prints is more intensive than for screen-printed ones. This is a significant consideration for anyone interested in incorporating screen-printed clothing into their wardrobes.

If you are looking to create high-quality garments for a business, direct to garment printing may be the best choice for you. With this process, you can create vivid and detailed designs that will set your business apart from the rest. You can save money on printing costs with DTG by choosing environmentally friendly methods. The benefits of this production process include a high-quality print and a quick turnaround time. Additionally, DTG printing is the only method that is completely free of chemical solvents. To find out more on printing ask local print shop near you.

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